Contact us if you have questions or found a scammer

Contacting us to resolve any issue is simple and easy and accessible to everyone. Each client may have a question in the process of being on our site and the decision to use our services and packages of services provided by our bride agency. On any issue and any topic you will be provided with a specialist who can also help you professionally and within the framework of his competence solve any situation. Specialists within the framework of the program you purchased help to spend time on the dating service correctly and usefully and use exactly those services that are needed by a person who has addressed a specific question to us.

We were taught to ask questions from a kindergarten and we believe that it will not be difficult for you to ask them and it will be interesting to get advice and a response from a competent specialist who knows his job.

Fraud flourishes every day on the Internet and large sites of Runet. The most tidbit for them is dating sites, where they help people find their soul mate and find themselves. Therefore, the phenomenon of fraud has not passed us by and we always monitor and worry about protecting the data of clients that they transfer to us as a result of registration, competitions, promotions and games. Website security is an important moment, for us injuring and data security of our customers are always in the first place.

There are cases when people are prone to fraudulent fraud from time to time, but still pop up on the site and in accordance with this, we ask all who care to help us identify such entities in order to exclude their stay and bring them closer to zero.

To help us, you just need to inform our specialists in the right section and describe in detail the situation of unfair use of our site. Everything that seems suspicious or explicit to you is related to contacting us. Do not think at such moments that suddenly you are mistaken, excessive vigilance in such a case will not hurt. These people and users of our site will not understand and will not know for what reason they were checked and whether they were checked at all. Everything will be done tactfully and within the framework. Their reputation will not be affected if we or you make a mistake. But the real perpetrators will be severely punished and their entry to this site will be categorically closed and even blacklisted on all Internet dating sites.