Many people now prefer to meet online. Some do not approve of this, constantly saying that it used to be better: they got acquainted, went on a date, loved not only with their eyes. Many are convinced that the Internet is not capable of conveying all the senses, that this is only falsehood, behind which the same fake people are hiding. No romance, no love, no special magic that surrounded people who met earlier on the street.

A dating site is a business model that has not lost popularity for years. After all, one way or another, there is a game on the simple desires and dreams of man. Ilya Tarakanov talks about how online dating works, about pitfalls, opportunities and common mistakes of people.

I think well-known russian dating services do not need to be introduced, but if suddenly someone does not know - here is their list:,,, and also recently began to enjoy the success of and . Popularity is the key to the success of both the site itself and its visitors. You understand, the more people on the site, the higher the probability of finding the right person. So you should not go to specific sites, unless you want to find someone special - say, a trombone partner or a heavy metal lover of the 70s. In this case, you should look for people in the narrowest corners of the Internet.

First of all (for users), russian dating service is a place where you have the opportunity to submit yourself from any direction. You can present yourself smarter, prettier, better than you are, in the hope of meeting a person who would not look at you in life. And here the goals and methods of representatives of different sexes, of course, are also different. If girls are looking for princes (with a Mercedes and a yacht), then young people rarely bother with something other than the appearance of a partner (and even then it is important not for everyone).

In general, a russian dating services is designed to search for a specific person, if only the goal was clearly formulated. They are looking for, for example, models for filming, since there are photos. Seeking little joys for a limited time. They are looking for life partners. People of a difficult fate are looking for partners. Looking for travel companions for relaxation. And another huge plus of russian women dating sites is that here you can find a person who meets almost any request. In life, this is not so simple, each of us has his own circle of communication, and only a few have it quite wide.

I believe that there will be more males among the readers of this article, so a simple classification of female profiles will come in handy. In principle, on all dating sites there are similar types, just in different places of the Runet their ratio changes.

Very young girls (often they indicate a greater age, but they are usually 15-18 years old), which is usually clear from the questionnaire, looking for a real prince (without a Mercedes), who is so lacking in the cruel world. The purpose of the acquaintance is a couple of months of romantic correspondence, and then a serious step is a walk under the arm. Tip: avoid such girls, there are a lot of them around you and just in life, believe me.

Russian mature girls (both in mental abilities and in a passport) either correspond “for fun” (say, there is not enough male attention in life - they get on the Web), or they quickly agree to turn communication into reality And in my opinion, the latter are the most adequate category. So you can find a girlfriend, if you, of course, need this, and a lover, and a companion of life. If you are not too sociable in life, then on the Internet to find an adequate person is quite simple. If in life you often come across adequate girls, then you are lucky, and you need russian dating services, most likely, also "for fun." But believe me - not everyone is so lucky.

It is worth fearing the third category, the age of the representatives of which usually starts from about 30 years (although it happens that from 25 it also depends on education). Here the scenario “it’s time to get married” begins to dominate, and here you can rake in such “glitches”. Again, are you really missing these traits in life?

Let's go through the rest of the categories. There are (and many) representatives of the oldest profession. There are both explicit, so, say, hidden ones. Sometimes prices can be obtained immediately after the first message, sometimes it turns out that the girl is just looking for the opportunity to repay the loan for a new smartphone. Just money is very necessary. Pass by.

There are also virtual machines. Bored housewives, schoolgirls, experimenters like the author of the article, even a husband-hater - in short, there will be no meeting, do not expect. But you can hone communication skills and humor on them, if you want.

In short, if your goal is to find a normal girl for normal human relationships, look at category two. The rest are eliminated quite easily (but experience is needed here, of course). Checking the adequacy and "reality" is easy. The tip is simple: do not drag out virtual communication, quickly switch from network to real. No need to insist on anything, just offer to phone, you can also chat via Skype. During a phone conversation, you decide whether to meet or not. It is best to meet, of course, in a crowded place - here you will be calmer and the girl. And you should not "go in cycles" on one lady - who knows what will come out in the end.

For ladies, the tips are similar, but it is worthwhile to understand that the initiative coming from the hot russian girls is welcomed by some of the men, and sharply rejected by someone. But if you are for the free distribution of gender roles, then act as you know and as your heart tells you.

What if I can’t get to know a girl? Revise your views on this process as a whole. If among the new acquaintances is not “the same”, it is time to change the place of searches. If everything is somehow tied up, but quickly disappears, you may have to think about time. And if women absolutely do not even want to start conversations, it is most likely a matter of uncertainty. Then it's time to get rid of fear. But how to do it all right?

How to meet hot russian women

There are many ways and places where you can meet a pretty lady. Obviously, each such option has its drawbacks and advantages. It is important to know them in order to choose a method of acquaintance according to one’s soul and skills. Internet (social networks, dating sites) pros

  • The opportunity to know a little person in advance, that is, even before the meeting.
  • Wide selection, selection filters by hobbies, country / city, age, etc.
  • If we are talking about russian dating services, then the goals of the interlocutors will coincide.
  • A wider range of search - you can meet people from remote corners of your locality, other cities and countries.
  • Acquaintance on the Internet is not so difficult or scary as in reality.
  • You can change your answers, think carefully, and not give them instantly.

Before you make the acquaintance in real life, you can better know the person communicating on the russian women dating site. When interests coincide, communication moves to a new level - telephone conversations or video communications.

  • Even the most indecisive people will be able to get acquainted on the site. They are spared the need to look into the eyes of a stranger, so the factor of embarrassment and anxiety disappears, the user will be more sociable.
  • This russian dating service is available around the clock, so you can view profiles at a convenient time. A message can be sent to a person who is not on the site, and then read the response received.
  • Save time, you can communicate with several people, choosing the best candidate for a live acquaintance.

Features of communication on a dating site

Having decided to find your loved one using the russian dating service, be prepared for certain difficulties. For example, the user will be able to indicate incomplete or untrue data in the questionnaire. Here, bachelors very often turn out to be married people who seek outside entertainment. And women reduce their age and select younger photos for the account, so before you make an appointment, try to find out as much as possible about the person. For the first meeting, choose a public place, also be prepared for the fact that a person may not correspond to a virtual image.

But don’t be so categorical about the Internet. Time does not stand still, technology develops, new opportunities appear that only simplify people's lives. Now it is not necessary to go out somewhere to have a soulful and relaxed conversation with a person. It is foolish to believe that the Internet does not make it possible to feel a person. Yes, you will not be able to touch each other, but many do not need this.

In addition, there is the opportunity to make friends or have a serious relationship with a person who is many kilometers away from you. But at the same time, you can feel as if you are sitting at the same table in some restaurant and have a nice conversation. The Internet brings people together, it erases borders, it allows you to find a person who will understand, support, discuss common interests. Who knows, perhaps these meetings will then go beyond simple conversations using the World Wide Web.

Modern people find it easier to communicate. Firstly, there is no feeling of stiffness. You must admit that at the first date you sometimes don’t even know what you can talk about, because this is the first time you meet a person in person. Secondly, some on the Internet will not be lost: they can calmly joke, communicate, write some beautiful sayings. Yes, maybe there isn’t that special atmosphere that is constantly talked about, but another is created - also special, but just different. She's no better, but no worse.

Therefore, new social networks, new applications and newer russian dating services are created, where you can meet your other half. They are now full, but not all of them meet the quality. No wonder many people have such a skepticism about dating sites, because they either did not try, or they had a bad experience.

In the first case, then you should not listen, because people have not tried, respectively, they may not know how everything is actually arranged on dating sites. In the second case, the fault is dating russian women dating sites that simply stopped working on their site. They simply turn a blind eye to negative reviews, to the fact that people are gradually leaving their service, and, forever, to the fact that these same people make poor advertising.

If you have already taken up the development and, most importantly, the development of a russian dating service, then you do not need to stop at the “created and that's it” stage. You need to constantly watch reviews, look at competitors, listen to users and take into account and improve. This is what we always do, so our service does not have negative reviews and poor statistics.

Briefly about us

We have developed a russian women dating site where you can meet a pretty Russian girl. In our arsenal there are many profiles. We have women of different ages, different looks, different worldviews and so on. Even the most finicky in this regard can find our lady of heart because we try to select candidates wisely.

We work with reputable agencies that are responsible in their work. To begin with, girls need to undergo a careful selection in order to be among the candidates. Only proven and best of them are presented in our catalog on russian women dating site.

Seeing them, you may be amazed that many of them are still very young, in the prime of life. But even young girls today find it difficult to find a decent man who would not be afraid of a serious relationship.

Our russian women dating site was created so that people are looking for a serious relationship. On extraneous sites you can still find an affair for the night or sex, but not with us. Our women are looking not just for a man, but for a husband.

Therefore, if you share this desire, then without problems you can find a partner in life. To do this, you just need to create your account on our website, you can do this quite simply and quickly. For a successful search, you should tell as much as possible about yourself by filling out the questionnaire in detail. Do not be afraid to upload photos. The more, the better, then a woman will be able to roughly understand from them what kind of person you are, what you like and so on.

After registration, all the russian dating service features will open before you. You can safely view photos of women, read their profiles, use filters to immediately find what you need. And if you find one that you like, then you can start communication with her.

By the way, you can be from any country. Yes, we have a catalog of hot Russian girls, but you yourself do not have to be Russian. Acquaintance and communication with a foreigner is always interesting, so you can tell each other not only about yourself, but also about your homeland: about life, culture, customs and so on. The conversation will be diluted with curious facts.

We tried to create a site where only a pleasant and healthy atmosphere hovers. Many complain that only perverts and losers who just want to mock single people live on such services, thereby affirming themselves. But on our russian dating service you definitely won’t meet such a thing, because we try to follow this up, who are unwanted to be removed from the service so that they do not poison ordinary people with their statements.

Why choose us

We are one of thousands of dating sites created, but we stand out among these thousands. As we said above, we try not to stand still. If you decide to create any site, it will require continuous improvement, the introduction of something new, because requests from people can change. It is important to understand what the audience likes, which, in fact, this or that russian women dating site is aimed at.

Every day we monitor competitors, identify their mistakes, analyze our mistakes, try to correct them so that the service goes to a new level and does not stand still. Innovations only benefit the site, because users can discover something new in virtual communication.

We also always listen to our users. They can write in a review that they are not satisfied with the site. If the complaint is really objective, then we will certainly deal with this, because we give priority to comfort and convenience in communication on our service.

We also try to catch scammers. There are a lot of deceivers who are trying to deceive lonely people through their insidious tricks. And many can even distinguish a fraudster from a real person. Unfortunately, they are well prepared and just know where to click.

Our experts daily look at profiles. If something in them seems suspicious, then these profiles will be immediately deleted. But if you are faced with a scammer and understand this, then do not hesitate to report it to our support team. We guarantee that we will look at the profile and deal with this.

And who can girls find on russian women dating sites?

The first category is adolescents, under 18 years old, the same "alpha males". The second - more mature people, under 35 years old, usually not married, each looking for his own. In principle, the most adequate category.

But after 35 they come across mainly either already married, who have a “demon in the ribs”, or bachelors who suddenly wanted to find their love. But there are eternal womanizer. And there is a twofold situation. On the one hand, at this age people become more tolerant of other people's problems and peculiarities, on the other hand, they themselves have various "skeletons in the closet" and long-established character and habits. And then you have to adapt to it.

There are virtuals and other different people, but the main contingent, fortunately or unfortunately, is the first category. By the way, “until the age of 18” is far from always the case; boys with this promise are also found among 30-year-olds. Therefore, in the profiles of most women, you can find the age range “from 25 years”, and even “from 30 years". In general, dear ladies, be careful and think better about who you want to find.

What to write

But the meeting usually does not take place immediately. For example, you have found a beautiful stranger and want to write her. First you should carefully read her profile and consider the photo. It would seem that the advice is universal, but my experiment has shown that not everyone does this. What do you think is the most common first message? Right, hello. And what to do with this "Hello"? Apparently, you need to read the profile of such a friendly young man. Personally, I usually pay attention to what “catches” in the questionnaire and in the photo, and based on this I write. And if the questionnaire and photo were not impressive, then there is no need to write, agree. After all, we all want to be special, and girls, of course, are no exception. Discuss her hobbies, places where she has been, favorite films and books. Make a compliment (based on the questionnaire, and not from the book “a thousand and one original compliments”). You can joke, but not the fact that your humor will be positively received.

You can also find some spam software and send “Hello!” Tons. One acquaintance does just that, and it works. Hello, Edward!

And now it's worth mentioning the pleasant. We are constantly updating our catalog. We do not focus on a specific figure, we try to find as many beautiful Russian girls as possible, who for some reason cannot find happiness in this world. The more girls, the more worthy men will appear on our russian women dating site. So it will be much more likely that many of them will be able to create a strong and happy union.

We have many positive reviews that many people are guided by. Reading simply incredible dating and marriage stories, they are inspired and create accounts on our dating site. Good reviews are the key to success. We are very pleased to read them, because we still managed to make happy those people who came to us to find long-awaited happiness.

Such stories inspire new achievements. We understand that we are doing really useful work, giving people a lot of joy and happiness in life, as well as family comfort and warmth. And you too can be among these lucky ones. Register on our website, add photos, start the search and chat with the Russian beauty. Success will be guaranteed.

So, to get acquainted or not to get acquainted on the Internet is everyone's personal business. Of course, you can listen to your friend, who will say: “Nothing shines for you here”, and give up, thinking that yes, there is no chance of success.

And you can go a completely different way: register and take a chance. In fact, you will not lose anything, perhaps even gain for many years.

Disputes about dating on the Internet will never subside. Many will shout that this is a waste of time, while others will prove the opposite. It is up to you to decide what you want out of life, how you want to meet your soulmate, what you are ready to do for this.

Do not be afraid, do not listen to anyone. You should only listen to your heart. The Internet is not so much a bunch of tricksters and charlatans who are eager to get your money. The Internet is an opportunity, an enormous opportunity that can open the door to a completely different life. And that life may be such as you did not even suspect: happy, filled with bright colors, pleasant, joyful, interesting.

Your happiness is only in your hands.